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Smile Rejuvenation – Popular Trends in Cosmetic Dentistry

Your healthy natural smile is a major asset. Even if you don’t work in the television industry or get pursued by press photographers whenever you leave the house, you know how it important it feels to be wearing your best, healthiest smile every single day.

It’s part of who you are, and it’s one of the first things people notice when they meet you. Your teeth are a significant factor at every mealtime, with every drink, and in every conversation. You notice, and so do other people.

That’s why cosmetic dentistry has become a serious choice for everyday people like you and me, and no longer reserved for A-list film stars and TV newsreaders. Cosmetic dentistry, like everything else, has come a long way in the last couple of decades. Technology has developed, meaning prices have become more affordable, and you probably don’t even need to get on a plane to access the kind of top quality dental care that used to be only for the rich and famous.

What do we mean by cosmetic dentistry?

Of course the term ‘cosmetic’ indicates we’re talking about dentistry that’s intended to enhance the visual appearance. Cosmetic dentistry training is fundamentally based in all the usual professional medical and aesthetic dentistry skills, but goes that bit further into the artistic use of the modern materials and technologies that are available.

Dental laboratory technicians work behind the scenes carrying out many of the procedures in the labs, following the precise instructions of the dentist and also using their own skills and training to produce high quality restorative results. The British Academy for Cosmetic Dentistry is a ‘world leading authority’ in the field, ensuring training and clinical excellence, so patients get the best possible treatment as well as the smile that fits with their aesthetic preferences. It’s more than just the look and more than about what’s the latest fashion. As professional dentists we care about your all round health and well-being. The procedures we undertake are designed to address any real problems you’re encountering, we want to improve the comfort in your mouth considerably, and help make the very most of your smile.

Perhaps you’ve become conscious that your teeth are showing the wear and tear of normal life. That can take a toll on your confidence and sense of well-being. But there are health issues to consider as well. The health of your teeth and gums is a significant factor in your overall health, which is why we all know that cleaning your teeth properly, regular flossing and keeping up with your dental appointments is so important. Sometimes tooth loss or dental problems crop up, despite your best efforts. Accident or injury can result in the breakage or loss of teeth. If you’ve gone through a challenging life situation and you’re feeling run down, even that can show in your smile. Modern cosmetic dentistry techniques can bring back your youthful look and restore your oral stability. Smile rejuvenation is partly about self-confidence, partly about your ‘look,’ but it’s also about choices that are good news for your health and fitness.

These days we offer the chance to restore and replace broken or missing teeth. We can realign crooked or slanted teeth. We can improve colour that has faded naturally or become stained. Basically, whatever dental issue you wish could be corrected, it’s worth coming in and chatting with us.

What’s new in Cosmetic Dentistry?

If you’ve looked into cosmetic treatments for your teeth in the past, you might be surprised at how treatments have changed and improved in recent years.
Here are just some of the treatments that are widely available these days.

3D Dentistry – computer assisted technology and modern dental X-rays

One of the big changes in dentistry over the last twenty years is the improvements made by the use of computers in analysis and design. Computers can be used to determine the ratio of lips, gums and teeth that are visible. That can be a great help in restoring your natural look, rather than making it look fake. X-ray facilities are also extremely different to 20 years ago. Modern day CBCT machines can take 3D images of very specific areas, and with enhanced image quality. That means that dentists can target areas of your mouth very precisely and determine the extent of tooth decay or location and health of roots. We have all the benefits of digital photography to allow us to restore your smile to its maximum potential.


Teeth that have become broken down, weakened or discoloured can be crowned. This basically means that the entire outer surface of the tooth is replaced. Modern materials and procedures mean that crowns can be applied to any tooth in your mouth and can be tailored to look extremely similar to your remaining teeth.

Dental implants

If you have a missing or broken tooth, implants can be a cost effective way to restore your smile. They’ll provide the same level of strength and functionality as your natural teeth and will be tailored to be very similar in look. They’re more convenient than removable dentures as they’re anchored into your jaw bone like normal teeth, although of course implants are screwed, rather than rooted into place. Dental implants will help stabilise your oral health, by keeping other teeth from moving around, helping to re-balance the wear and tear on your other teeth when eating, and even improving any speech impediments that lost or broken teeth can cause.


Bridges can be used to replace more than one tooth at a time, allowing gaps to be filled and broken teeth to be crowned. Depending on the health and stability of your remaining teeth, the dentist can suggest a range of different types of bridges – fixed, cantilever, or resin bonded. Bridges require a consistently good standard of oral hygiene to be maintained, but for many patients they are preferable to removable dentures, and can restore a previously gappy smile to as good as new.


Porcelain veneers can be fitted to your existing teeth. Nowadays these are tailored by skilled technicians who can use computer aided technology to ensure the natural look and shape that works for you. Veneers can correct the colour and shape of teeth and can be fitted individually or replaced as a set for a more cost effective approach. Each veneer is chemically bonded onto the front of the tooth, and designed to correspond to your other teeth in shape and colour. All being well, veneers can last for up to 20 years.


Composite resins can be used to restore broken teeth. This is a relatively quick procedure and modern materials are hard-wearing and in a wide range of natural colours to blend in with your other teeth. Bonding allows quick and effective cosmetic restoration, and for some patients can be a realistic and inexpensive alternative to a crown. Your dentist can help you decide.


You can still have removable dentures or partial dentures if this is preferable for you. These are tailored to slot into your mouth comfortably and you’ll probably be advised to remove them at night and leave them to soak. The cost of dentures is less than a fixed bridge or dental implant, but they take a little more care and attention, and the clips used to fix a partial dental may be visible when your mouth is open. Nevertheless, modern dentures are massively improved on the old fashioned versions, and you may decide they are the right option for you.

Teeth whitening

Right back when you were a young adult the colour of your teeth started to deteriorate. Some people have naturally darker teeth. And food and drink like coffee and red wine can contribute to a change in tooth colour. Teeth that have lost their natural gleam for any reason can be whitened using a number of procedures, from laser treatment to whitening gel. Some treatments can be applied at home, and others require a course of appointments at the surgery.

Teeth straightening

You may be familiar with traditional orthodontic techniques and the use of braces to correct crooked or crowded teeth. There are also now invisible braces, designed to fit invisibly, encouraging teeth to realign without the look of a metal brace. Cosmetic teeth straightening is also available, using procedures that surgically reshape the gum to fit with veneers. Correcting slanted teeth or over-crowding is important for protecting against gum disease, tooth decay and related problems.

Basically, if you’ve been wondering how to get your mouth feeling more comfortable, improve your oral hygiene, regain your appetite for foods you’ve had to avoid, and feel more confident of your smile in face to face conversation then come and find out what modern dentistry techniques can do for you. Don’t hesitate to contact us for a chat, and we’ll walk you through the options, to see what course of action best fits you.

This coming year could be the time to rejuvenate your smile!

Why not contact us to arrange for a chat to find out if Smile Rejuvenation would suit you.

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