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Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening’s popularity among all ages is steadily increasing, and it is quickly becoming the UK’s most popular form of cosmetic dentistry.

There is nothing like a white, healthy smile to give you a boost in confidence. These days, cosmetic dental whitening is becoming as normal a process as hair-dyeing, and is just as simple.

Our teeth darken with age, and “coloured” foods such as tea, coffee, tomato and curry-based sauces can cause staining, even with good regular brushing. Or, your teeth may have been exposed to medicines such as tetracycline. The whitening gel used in the whitening process breaks down the staining compounds in the teeth, restoring a vivid, bright appearance.

You may be aiming for Hollywood glamour, or just getting rid of some staining. Our teeth whitening process allows you to achieve the look you want.

What process do you use for cosmetic dental whitening?

We start off with a consultation about what you want to achieve, and take impressions of your teeth. We then make custom-fitted trays, and send you home with these along with the safe, tested tooth-whitening gel. You wear the trays at home for short periods, and after just a few days you will start to see the results – a brighter and lighter-coloured smile. After two to three weeks, you will have a lovely, healthy-looking set of white teeth.

How long does cosmetic dental whitening last for?

Typically we recommend re-whitening every six months to two years or so, depending on your own lifestyle and diet.

Benefits to having whiter teeth

  • Before-Teeth Whitening
    After-Teeth Whitening
    Before Teeth Whitening After

Number 65 makes it as pleasant as possible and you can feel assured you are receiving the best available care and the latest techniques.

The effort made to ensure your teeth will remain healthy and last into old age is exceptional. In a league apart from most dental practices!


  • Improve self-confidence
  • A surgery-free procedure
  • Affordable
  • Better looking smile

Who can do teeth whitening?

Patients are often confused about who can do teeth whitening, but the legal guidance is very clear: only registered dentists may carry out teeth whitening in the UK.

Enjoy the advantages of teeth whitening treatments

At No.65 The Dental Surgery our dentists can help you obtain a brighter smile with our teeth whitening treatment. Contact us today to find out more about teeth whitening or schedule a consultation with Mark or Paul.

*Disclaimer: Before & After photos. Results may vary by patient and case type. A patient needs to have a comprehensive dental examination and X-rays in order to determine the best treatment plan for your particular situation.

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