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Cosmetic Case Study

Cosmetic Case Study

Before and After case study photos showing the wonderful results of the cosmetic treatment carried out by our team of experienced dentists.

Helping patients smile with confidence again

Miss W had front teeth she wasn’t proud of and wanted to improve the shape and colour of them, so she could smile and laugh with confidence. The dentist spent the time to sit with her so that he could understand what Miss W wanted. Veneers and crowns were used to give Miss W the smile she had always dreamed of.

I did have a few concerns before treatment but these where addressed. I wanted my own teeth but much nicer, which I got! My dentist was very informative and amazing attention to detail to my specific requirements. I would strongly recommend No.65.

Dentist Referrals

As a dentist, you’ll want nothing but the best for your patients. At No.65 we offer a wide range of treatments for which you can refer your patients on to us, which includes dental implants, cosmetic dentistry & periodontics. Please be assured that the referred patient will always be sent back to you for all non–referred treatments. To refer your patient please complete our dentist referral form and a member of our dental team will be in touch.