Laser dentistry

Lasers are still relatively new in dentistry, but have a number of benefits for you by providing faster healing times and reducing the risks of infection.

No.65 The Dental Surgery use the laser to treat periodontal disease / gum disease by removing debris and bacteria that cause periodontal disease / gum disease and can even stimulate new tissue growth. Lasers can also clean around infected dental implants (peri-implantis). This is proving to be one of the only effective dental treatments.

Laser Dentistry Machine

How do lasers treat gum disease?

The laser kills bacteria in the infected periodontal pocket using light and water, no chemicals. The laser removes infected tissue that lines the periodontal pocket painlessly. This allows healthy tissue to regrow and re-attach reducing the pocket depth. The Laser stimulates bone cells to grow bone back into the previously infected areas again reducing the size of the periodontal pocket and stabilising the tooth.

What else can lasers do to help you?

  • Cut teeth without a local anaesthetic
  • Disinfect root canals during root canal treatment
  • Help with the relief of Cold Sores and treatment of painful jaw joints
  • Carry out less traumatic hard and soft tissue surgery
  • Treat infected Gum Disease

Enjoy the advantages of laser dentistry treatment

At No.65 The Dental Surgery our dentists can help you preserve and improve your smile with laser dentistry. Contact us today to find out more about laser dentistry or schedule a consultation with Mark or Paul.


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