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Root Canal

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment (endodontics) is needed when the nerve supply of the tooth becomes infected through decay or injury. This can result in an abscess. The aim of root canal treatment is to remove all infection from the root canal and clean and fill the root to prevent further infection. This treatment should feel no different to a normal filling and is carried out using local anaesthetic.

Root canal treatment is undertaken at No.65 The Dental Surgery, Wadebridge, by Andrew Paterson one of the dentists at the practice who has a special interest in endodontics. He will first assess your suitability for root canal treatment and the complexity of procedure that may be required. Our dental team will work to save the tooth that most others probably would have given up on.

Why is root canal treatment needed?

If the pulp becomes infected, the infection may spread through the root canal system of the tooth. This may eventually lead to an abscess. An abscess is an inflamed area in which pus collects and can cause swelling of the tissues around the tooth. The symptoms of an abscess can range from a dull ache to severe pain, and the tooth may be tender when you bite. If root canal treatment is not done, the infection will spread and the tooth may need to be taken out.

The infection is caused by bacteria that live in the mouth and invade the tooth. This can happen after:

  • Tooth decay
  • Leaky fillings
  • Damage to teeth as a result of trauma

Root Canal Treatment

Does root canal treatment hurt?

No. Usually, a local anaesthetic is used and it should feel no different to having an ordinary filling done. There may be some tenderness afterwards but this should gradually get less over time.

Enjoy the advantages of root canal treatment

At No.65 The Dental Surgery our dentists can help you with root canal treatment. Contact us today to find out more about root canal treatment or schedule a consultation with Mark or Paul.

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